Wheelchair 10KG – Code WC866L


  1. Material : Aluminium
  2. Foldable
  3. 10KG
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Mer’s Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair WC866L

– 6” PVC castor -Made of High grade plastic to achieve the lightweight effect and it is easy to be replace any time .
– 20” PU Rear wheel – Wheel with sport rims installed making this wheelchair a more elegant one compare to others20” PU Rear wheel
– Fix armrest and folding footrest -Fixed armrest are attached to wheelchair frame permantly to support for extra comfort. The footrest can be folded to ease the user for leaving or get seated.
– Aluminium lightweight frame -This lightweight frame were paint up by using the NANO TECH PAINT to resist scratches from the user unintentionally
– Drop back handle with united brake -Handle with brake enable the pusher to brake by using the handle brake
– Weight 10kg -Lightweight frame allows user to have a better comfort unlike traditional wheelchair
– Plastic footplate -Plastic footplate are durable and lightweight to make the wheelchair lighter and can withstand heavy weight on the footplate