Walking Frame (BROWN) – W919L


  1. Foldable for easy storage and transportation
  2. User friendly with adjustable height
  3. Moving forward & backwards without lifting the walking frame
  4. Made of lightweight aluminium frame


AHC/Greencity Reciprocal Walker W919l are mobility aids that provide an additional level of balance and support while walking. It allow you to switch 2 types of motion which is Fixed or Reciprocal to meet your needs. The removable “E Clips will allow the frame to be fixed or reciprocal mirroring the user’s steps, giving complete stability, and maximum freedom of movement. The height are adjustable which allow you to maintain a good posture while walking.


A foldable walking frame or model that can be otherwise dissembled for storage and transport in a car or plane is ideal. If these factors don’t apply to you, then a fixed model may be more suitable. Please remember to store your frame in a secure, safe place that is out of the elements to ensure that it lasts a while.


When choosing and fitting a walking frame, you want to be sure that its handgrip is level with your wrist crease when you are standing normally with your hands by your side. This will help determine the best height for the frame. You want a 15 to 30 degree bend at your elbow for maximum comfort and safety.


When using walking frame, it is best to position in parallel facing forward. Move your impaired leg forward first, then the non-impaired one, and then place the frame forward again. Please refrain from using your frame to traverse stairs. A single step is fine, but anything more than that presents a risk. Don’t place the frame too far forward, and when taking a seat or standing up always use the seat or someone’s arm for support.