Grander Bubble Air Mattress Only – AMK 007


  1. High Durability & Comfortability
  2. Weight Indicator with Hangers
  3. 130 Interlocking bubble cells
  4. Maximum Patient Weight Up to 100KG
  5. Suitable for Bedridden Patient, Post Operation, Fracture Patient
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Improved Blood Circulation
Air mattresses allow for better blood circulation and pressure relief to the patient sleeping on it. Moreover, since it is possible to change pressure points by shifting the position of the one sleeping on it, an air mattress always provides a fresh feel to the patient.

Alternate Pressure Points
Allow the patient’s body to move comfortably. Since it is possible to shift the pressure points so that the individual’s body is in motion, it is much less likely that a patient who utilizes an air mattress will get sore skin or painful bedsores.